Wysent is a group of passionate experts who have worked with the world’s biggest brands, newest startups, and everything in between. Everyone at wysent has always put relationships first, believing that trust and collaboration underpin the best solutions. At wysent, our relationship with your organization is what matters most to us. This affects everything we do, from the like-minded people we hire, to the holistic recommendations we make, the tailored solutions we build, and the dedicated project management we provide.


We build on that foundation with deep technical and functional expertise, allowing us to create superior solutions. Finally, our broad experience enables us to deliver them on time and on budget. We built wysent because we enjoy working together and share the same values and skills, and we want to pass them along to new clients, staff, and partners. At wysent, we measure our success by your success and won’t settle for anything less.


At wysent, we take the architect approach. We believe that since every organization is different, their solutions should be, too. So, when you work with wysent, we consider your needs and priorities holistically to create a system that accomplishes what you need now, fits into your existing processes and workflows, and scales with your organization into the future. This doesn’t mean that everything we do at wysent is custom or expensive. Instead of going straight to building, at wysent, we start by designing with you in order to optimize the delivery and costs.



We're a proven team. We've worked with the world's biggest brands, newest startups, and everything in between.


Solving big, challenging problems for our clients is what we do best.


We put relationships first. Our relationship with your organization is what matters most to us.


We believe that trust and collaboration underpin the best solutions.


We supplement our expertise with broad business, industry, and technology experience.


We don't build for our clients, we design with them. Architecture is key, even with off-the-shelf solutions.


We love our work! We're all here because we enjoy doing this work in this way and with these people.


We believe that every organization is different, and so every solution should be too.




Kevin Corlett


Kevin is a storied entrepreneur and systems architect with roots in Texas, New Jersey and California. He is an EPM expert who has consulted for over 25 years to some of the worlds most recognized brands and finest companies.

Randi McCarthy

VP Business Development

A careered sales professional, Randi has spent the last 20 years cultivating a “relationship focused” network, advocating for top tier consultants and senior leaders within fortune 500 organizations and industry partners.

Michael Keller


Mike is an information technology professional with over two decades of experience specializing in the architecture and implementation of enterprise business intelligence and analytics systems.

Michael Mure


Mike is a NJ native and Giants/Yankees fan with a depth of experience in large scale IT project management and solution architecture for global organizations.

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Michael McLaughlin

Senior Consultant

Michael is a Philadelphia native with a depth of experience in Enterprise Performance Management systems, financial reporting and technology.

David Kieffer

Senior Consultant

David is an Ohio native with 30 plus years of experience in the Accounting, Finance and IT disciplines.  His project work has focused on various aspects within the Corporate and Business Management space.


Mark Lewis

Senior Consultant

Mark is a Dodeca, Essbase, SQL, VBA, Excel & VB.Net and Hyperion Planning consultant with over thirty years’experience.

Naveen Marri

Senior Consultant

Naveen is a Georgia resident with a depth of experience in Enterprise Performance Management systems, Financial Planning, Essbase and reporting technology. 

Members of our team have supported countless clients, big and small over the years. We've worked with some of the world’s leading multinational companies in industries including: pharmaceuticals, financial services, banking, consumer products, and telecommunications.
  • Pharmaceutical

  • Publishing/Print Media

  • Telecom

  • Building Materials

  • Public Sector

  • Defense/Aerospace

  • Technology

  • Financial Services

  • Automotive

  • Banking

  • Consumer Products

  • Beverages

  • Insurance

  • Manufacturing

  • Medical Devices

  • Legal


Address: PO Box 1771

Dripping Springs, Texas 78620

Phone: (512) 829-1898


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