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NetSuite Planning & Budgeting

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting enables organizations of all sizes to quickly adopt a world-class planning and budgeting application offering market-leading functionality across lines of businesses. Now a part of SuiteSuccess, Planning and Budgeting can be deployed via two separate versions, ensuring that you receive your Planning and Budgeting offering in a manner that best suits your particular business needs and budget.

Planning and Budgeting Standard Edition:

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting facilitates both company-wide and departmental budgeting within one collaborative scalable solution. Pre-built data synchronization with NetSuite enables financial and operational data to be used throughout the entire budgeting process, eliminating the need to transfer data manually.

These pre-built reports, templates, and capabilities make it fast and easy to get your budgeting process set on the right path:

  • Drillable executive dashboards

  • Revenue projections templates

  • Operating expense projections templates

  • Actual vs budget reports (income statement, balance sheet, cash flow)

  • Microsoft Office Integration with Smart View

  • Multi-currency and multi-subsidiary support

Planning and Budgeting Premium Edition:

Planning and Budgeting Premium Edition is intended to provide a holistic planning and budgeting solution that is primarily developed for your specific industry. While already being a comprehensive offering tailored toward your industry, this edition of Planning and Budgeting also allows for moderate customization to your business and acts as a springboard to accelerate future growth.


Delivery Motion and Speed: Scoping Required

  • Planning and Budgeting Premium Edition is implemented by expert NetSuite Services consultants. Your dedicated implementation team will align all solution customizations and timelines, and will devote themselves to warrant an on-schedule implementation.

Features Included:

  • Industry Specific Models

  • Verticalized OpEx and Expense Planning

  • Verticalized Revenue Planning

  • Driver and Trended Forecasting

  • Financial Reporting & Variance Analysis

  • Indirect Cash Flow

  • Workforce Planning

  • Smart View Office Integration

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting automates labor-intensive planning and budgeting processes and centralizes company financial and operational data, so finance teams can quickly and easily produce budgets and forecasts, model what-if scenarios and generate reports within one collaborative scalable solution. Finance teams are able to gain the needed control, collaboration, and visibility to their organizations financial and operational plans.

Key Features:

  • Budgeting Made Easy - facilitates both company-wide and departmental budgeting within one collaborative, scalable solution. Capabilities supporting revenue and expense projections provide added insights to aid in the budgeting process. Synchronization with NetSuite enables financial and operational data to be used throughout the entire budgeting process, eliminating the need to transfer data manually. Pre-built reports and templates make it fast and easy to get your budget process set on the right path.

  • Streamline Comprehensive CAPEX Planning – enables the management, prioritization and planning for capital expenses and its impact on overall expenses and financial statements. You can create a model of your organization’s capital expenses and provide an effective way for decision-makers and managers to communicate throughout the request, justification, review and approval process.

  • Simplify Travel and Expense Planning - provides a friendly, structured set of processes to help you easily build and maintain travel and expense plans keeping your business strategy aligned with your implementation plans by using built-in intelligence and analytic power.

  • Automate Allocations of Indirect Expenses - provides the ability to automate indirect expense allocations giving the you the added insight needed in your planning process, understand true profitability, and help you more effectively map financial and operational data together by provides a central hub for automating all allocation-based business processes.

  • Simplify Complex OPEX Planning - enables flexible driver-based planning to help connect your operational assumptions to financial outcomes and supports a hierarchical planning process that encompasses both corporate finance and lines of business within your organization.

  • Strategic Workforce Planning - simplifies workforce planning and related expenses, such as head count, salary, and compensation planning by aligning the needs and priorities of your organization with those of the workforce to ensure organizational objectives are met. 

  • Integrated Financial Statement Planning - gives you the ability to plan, budget and forecast Revenue, Expense, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow faster, in more detail, with more accuracy and insight.

  • Enable Dynamic Modeling, Analysis and BI-Directional Integration with SMART VIEW- provides comprehensive integration, including single-click refresh, with Microsoft Office tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word and PowerPoint with Smart View for Office.

  • Improve Forecast Accuracy with Predictive Planning - allows users to optimize planning and forecasting estimates with a rigorous, pre-built statistical modeling engine. With a few clicks, Predictive Planning will collect historical data, match it to industry standard statistical models and generate a dashboard, offering predictions for future results and enabling users to apply predicted values directly into their plan or forecast.

  • Empower Effective Decision Making with Powerful Reporting Capabilities - provides comprehensive reporting and analytics for management, narrative and regulatory reporting. The drag-and-drop report builder puts powerful, yet easy-to-use, web-based reporting into the hands of finance and business managers providing a secure, collaborative, process-driven approach for defining, authoring, reviewing and publishing financial and management reports.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Planning Cycle Times

  • Improve Forecast Accuracy

  • Align the Organization

  • Integrate Planning and Management Reporting Seamlessly

  • Timely Information and Insight

  • Faster adoption with little to no internal infrastructure expense

  • Fully customizable and owned by Lines of Business

  • Create unique data perspectives for users and manage access to specific data by role

  • Dynamically refresh Office documents with a single click

  • Flexible deployment options and easily move between deployment models as needs change

  • Built-in financial intelligence and spreading logic

  • Report creation in Excel, Word and PowerPoint

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