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Three key products from Applied OLAP that fill a unique role in the world of planning, reporting, and analysis


Companies utilize the many features of Dodeca to run critical spreadsheet applications. Dodeca provides the flexibility to build applications that fit the needs of your business without being forced to compromise requirements. Automate, manage, and control spreadsheets and their interactions with corporate data sources, including Essbase and SQL. Plan, report, and analyze in the way that makes sense for your business and users’ needs. Reduce the time, effort, and training required to access information.

Some of the key features and functionality:

  • Automates sophisticated business processes

  • Reduces spreadsheet risk

  • Increases spreadsheet quality

  • Reduces spreadsheet count

  • Eliminates Excel lockups and crashes

  • Gives end users access to the best of Excel

  • Controls the worst of Excel

  • Tailors applications to business requirements

  • Increases user productivity saving time and money

  • Features superior technical support

  • Focuses on customer success


Built as a drop in replacement for the Classic Essbase Add-In, the Dodeca Add-In has a single purpose: To support Essbase-centric ad hoc capabilities within Excel.


The Dodeca Add-In provides the same ease of use and simplicity as its predecessor, yet is refined and updated for today’s users. And, with VBA support that mimics the popular Essbase Spreadsheet Toolkit, migrating custom applications is easy.

Some of the key features and functionality:

  • Ad-hoc Essbase Operations

  • Options at Your Fingertips

  • Undo and Redo


  • Unknown Members

  • Status at a Glance

  • Essbase Calculations with Run Time Substitution Variables

  • Calculation Status

  • Drop and go VBA Support


Drillbridge is a drop in drill-through solution for Hyperion Planning, PBCS, Financial Reporting, and Smart View.


Drillbridge is an innovative technology for implementing drill-through that doesn’t require any changes to existing automation or administration. It is easy to deploy and utilizes existing data sources. Organizations with an Essbase cube and associated relational data already have everything they need to implement drill-through.

Some of the key features and functionality:

  • Drill to any combination of Oracle, SQL Server, and other relational databases

  • Add multiple drill reports to a cell intersection

  • Drill from Oracle EPM Cloud, Hyperion Planning, Financial Reporting, and Smart View

  • No changes to cube automation or administration procedures

  • Drill between different drill-through reports

  • Quickly download output to Excel or CSV

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