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Today’s best-of-breed financial planning platforms can help you support the enterprise with more timely, reliable business insights. Through stronger business partnering, finance leaders become catalysts for transformation across the organization.

Put an end to siloed work and uncertain outcomes. Anaplan is hyperscale computing applied to your operational insights, forecasts, and business strategies. Designed to solve your challenges with clarity and collaborative power, our platform makes it possible for companies to succeed at any scale of complexity. Empower your workforce from your CFO to your most remote hubs with continually updated information shared enterprise-wide. With predictive power and integrated multi-dimensional analytic capability, Anaplan helps you convert constant change to your advantage.

Key Benefits:

  • Solve any planning challenges across the business with business user–owned models.

  • Get granular insights, drive growth, and monitor real-time metrics to pivot quickly.

  • Stay aligned to changing market conditions with Anaplan’s flexible modeling engine.

  • View plans across the business at aggregate and detailed levels. Compare different dimensions of your business in real time.

  • Reduce costs and risks by eliminating spreadsheets and consolidating redundant planning systems.

  • Increase accuracy of decisions and improve business outcomes leveraging predictive analytics and ”what-if” scenario analysis.

  • Easily consolidate data. Business owners can streamline data integration by linking models and plans.

  • Leverage pre-built apps to expedite planning and increase time to value.

Enhance your ability to plan intelligently across your organization with a suite of capabilities enabled by Anaplan’s cloud-based, Connected Planning platform:

  • At the heart of the Anaplan platform lies the Hyperblock calculation engine, which was designed to produce ultra-fast calculations at unprecedented scale.

  • Markets are complicated. Multi-dimensional models let you plan with large-scale data sets so you can anticipate complex market changes.

  • Connect simple building blocks to plan across the enterprisePlan a single use case or plan the entire enterprise.

  • Deliver consistent data to stakeholders throughout the organization.

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