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Your business has an unprecedented amount of data. As this data continues to accumulate, it can be difficult for you to separate the signal from the noise. All of this information is only as valuable as the insights you're able to take away from it. Wysent filters the signal from the noise for you by integrating systems and data from across your organization, structuring the resulting raw data, and generating automated processes to analyze and report on it in the future.


With business intelligence, we can help you track the current state of your business in real time and achieve operational efficiencies. With business analytics, we can empower you to gain new, predictive insights into all aspects of your business that can inform strategic future planning and ensure your success. If you don't know which is most appropriate for you, we can help you determine that, as well.


Whether it's business intelligence or analytics, wysent creates and implements systems for organizing and interpreting your data in ways that create new opportunities for your business. We build in visual reporting functionality so that you can easily read, analyze, and share these insights with your stakeholders.


We can help you:

  • Store vast amounts of data

  • Process data quickly at scale

  • Gain a 360° view of your business

  • Derive new insights

  • Identify new opportunities

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"Wysent possessed the ability to lead multiple on-going critical activities, manage their progress within tight time-frames and was able to work independently in addition to contributing as part of a larger team. They were able to understand finance business processes and then translate them into systems functionality all at the rapid pace the project needed to progress. It is a pleasure to have a trusted partner that we can rely on to operate independently and deliver quality and timely solutions."

- Director, Financial Systems

SUCCESS STORY: Zero Based Budgeting 


The tight timeline for a new zero based budgeting solution did not provide adequate time to incorporate all reporting requirements into existing applications. Wysent was brought on board to provide a new integrated and flexible reporting solution to meet all actual, budget and variance reporting capabilities. The application required integrations with existing management reporting systems, translation functionality to/from package based budgets and flexible/dynamic reporting capabilities and access to the entire finance community. The analysis, documentation, design and delivery was continual as requirements changed almost daily from inception through the successful completion that met the start of the annual budgeting cycle.

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