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Oracle Narrative Reporting



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Oracle Narrative Reporting

Meet internal and external reporting needs with Oracle Cloud EPM Narrative Reporting. Collaborate across the report creation process to define, author, review, and publish management and regulatory reports.


Access source data directly:

  • Access systems of record directly - Work with data that is always current by accessing data directly from Oracle and non-Oracle sources. This includes spreadsheets, Hyperion EPM applications, Oracle Cloud EPM applications, Oracle Cloud Financials, Oracle Analytics content, and native databases.

  • Use existing reports - No need to recreate existing reports. You can bring in your current Microsoft Word and PowerPoint or PDF-based narrative reports, as well as Excel-based reports through a consistent and controlled process.

  • Combine data and narrative content - Help provide context to the numbers by combining financial statements and data with textual narrative in a single report.

  • Leverage built-in report writing - Speed up the reporting process. Narrative Reporting comes equipped with a report writer that lets you bring in charts and grids sourced from Oracle Cloud EPM, Oracle Cloud Financials, and Oracle Essbase.

Collaborate securely across the report process:

  • Involve multiple report authors - Bring in subject matter experts across your organization to work on report sections, providing the most accurate information available. Users only contribute to sections of the document that they have permission to access.

  • Manage reviews - No need to worry about version control during review cycles. Users review and comment on their individual report sections based on access privileges. Users with equal access levels can collaborate on the report content and create conversational threads that carry forward through the entire review cycle.

  • Keep the process on track - Use the process flow to approve report sections and monitor overall report completion status on mobile or web. Gain visibility of changes and contributions throughout the creation of the report with a full audit trail.

  • Roll over previous reports - Bring in efficiencies by rolling over previous reports to reuse common content from period to period and take advantage of centralized maintenance of common dates, text, and data.

Publish and distribute reports:

  • Create report books - Easily group management or financial reports to produce executive briefing books and other books of financial record.

  • Distribute report content securely - Send report content to stakeholders at any point in the report development. Use report bursting to distribute final copies.

  • Access reports anywhere - Access reports via mobile, web, or Microsoft Office.

Fulfill regulatory reporting requirements:

  • Manage XBRL taxonomies - Reduce complexity by managing and designing your base and extension XBRL taxonomies in the same interface.

  • Perform XBRL tagging in MS Office - Use the tools you’re familiar with and do XBRL tagging in Microsoft Word and Excel. You can also produce detailed XBRL audit reports.

  • Validate XBRL tagging - Check data accuracy and compliance by validating XBRL tagging with taxonomy schema rules and calculations. Use regulatory-specific validation for SEC EDGAR Filer Manual rules and IFRS Global Filing Manual.

  • Publish in multiple regulatory formats - Publish in XBRL, iXBRL, SEC EDGAR HTML, ESMA ESEF, and PDF formats.


  • Provide context to the numbers - Deliver faster more accurate insights to all stakeholders by easily combining data and narrative.

  • Meet all reporting needs with a single tool – Gain confidence in your reports with direct access to one version of the truth on a single reporting platform, for all financial, management, and statutory reporting.

  • Create reports faster - Reduce your reporting cycle time by leveraging a single intuitive interface for creating, managing, and distributing reports.

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